Numerous brands face the challenge of generating innovative and distinctive content by exploring unconventional avenues. If you encounter difficulties identifying exceptional qualities in everyday occurrences, our team can provide you with the necessary support. Our methodology revolves around the fundamental principles of transparency and connection, which are essential components of communication and image. What narrative distinguishes your brand from the rest? How can we utilize video marketing to convey it effectively? We welcome you to engage in a conversation with us and discover how we can assist you in articulating your value proposition with clarity.
Karla Velis
Bilingual Marketing and Communications Expert


 My experience and passion for creative marketing allows me to build distinctive marketing social media campaigns, bring original ideas for advertising and content creation . I am a person who brings innovative ideas and a fresh, positive and productive environment to our work together. I truly enjoy assisting others and serving the people I work with in order to meet specific goals and needs, which has given me a reputation for excellence and high quality service. I am a business coach, business owner and have spoken/advice hundreds of people in the last years since my business journey started.

This is why I am here to help:

  • to clarify your message
  • capture your brand through photography and video marketing
  • develop a strategy for content creation (social media and website)

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Nuestros servicios incluye redes sociales y plan de mercadeo para tu marca o negocio. 


I have been working with Karla for over five years. Karla has been developing our companies marketing graphic design, content creation, creative design, and strategic decisions that move us closer to our goals and vision. I love her creativity, her initiative to come up with ideas that are aligned with my brand, and her ability to create engaging and beautiful designs and copy. Her work has a significant impact on my outstanding image of our company's branding.
Maria Erazo
Karla was able to help me bring my business plan and vision to life and develop a marketing strategy that has gotten me and my business features in Yahoo! Finance, Remezcla, The Muse, and Ladders in addition to many others. As my consultant she supported me in defining my client segments, review my website, and then create the visuals that spoke to my company values, mission, and vision.
Paulette M Pinero
She often facilitated functions that I attended and she took charge of the planning details. Her verbal communication skills are exemplary and she quickly puts her audience at ease because of her confidence and proficiency. She will do the same with your business or projects.
Jacquelyn Bolt
Kellogsville CRC Council President Chair of the Board Kuyper College
Karla made an excellent job, I highly recommend them specially if you’re looking for quality content and to see your social media pages grow. Definitely, she helped a lot my business
The Mireya Salon
It was a pleasure working with Karla. Being someone that isn’t “techy”, they made SEO not so scary and explained the process in layman’s terms. They offered great strategies and tips, I never could’ve done this all myself. So it definitely saved me time and money, I am so happy to working with her again in the future!!
AJPetit Events
Founder, AJ Petit Events


Alexandra Espinoza

Marketing & graphic design