about me

It started in middle school, where I carried my little old digital camera everywhere… I always thought, “I would love to come back to these moments later.” And it happened! Years later, I relive some of my best memories by looking back at these pictures. That’s where it “clicked” for me. Photography was an opportunity to feel again.

It looks like that feeling never went away. So I passionately capture these moments, knowing they will bring tears and joy over time.
VelisK Photography was born for a reason: to capture the ones you love and those special moments that might never come back.

...I do this according to YOUR needs.

Every client is unique. We all perceive the world differently. We all remember distinct things in the same room. This is why my photo sessions include mood boards, goals overview and learning expectations. You won't be stuck with pictures you don't like! I'll be happy to serve your needs and photo #goals
Karla Velis